5 étapes pour déterminer tes objectifs et les accomplir

5 Steps to Determine and Achieve Your Goals

Each day is one more day or you are jostled by time ... Yes time flies very quickly at least one has the impression that it is going at high speed! In the process of doing your dishes, you are there to think about your just too monotonous routine… (ah I understand you 😒 me too that happens often). Yes, do the dishes instead of fulfilling their destiny! But you know the secret to doing great things while doing the dishes of course 😂? it's simple, determine it! I have something for you that is simple and free? If you're interested, here are 5 simple steps to setting and achieving your goals! Let your destiny begin!
  • Written on physical paper
Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, and write down your desires and dreams. Sort them out and determine which one is most important to you to accomplish. Next, make a list of what is imperative for you to accomplish! Once you sort it all out in your head
, the next steps will be easier to carry out. And this step allows you to visualize your goals, it's always easier to disentangle physically on a sheet of paper than in your head! it's like your architectural plan!
  • Determine each step to reach your goals
Once you have taken the first step, you will be able to determine the path towards accomplishing your goals. This step is always crucial, as it will allow you to plan your game plan. Each goal should have its own path of action to accomplish. This step should also be written on a board, sheet, etc.
  • Made simple and short steps
The title may say it all, but an explanation should! Keep the steps simple and short, since it's easier to accomplish short, uncomplicated tasks. Determining complex and long steps would only discourage you ... And between me and you the goal is not to be discouraged and give up everything, but to succeed and achieve your goals.
  • Follow up and tag your accomplishments
Each day, take a moment and take your list of goals and milestones in your hands. Analyze and check off what you have accomplished… thereafter you will always be able to determine the rewards for each objective or step accomplished, depending on your need to be rewarded!
  • Celebrate your efforts
Be proud of your accomplishments, take the trouble as said above to reward yourself! In addition, become aware of your success since nothing is more frustrating than having the impression that time is running out in our hands without having accomplished anything great!
I would also like to add about time, the only way to slow it down is to take it! Since, I surely know what is hard to do in these steps is to take the time to do them! But once done, it will take very little time to keep them up to date… and these plans will take you on a JUST AMAZING adventure! believe me…
Stay tuned for other tips to come to you!